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Terms and Conditions

Be Global Offering “BestLinkBuildingServices” ecommerce solutions

This agreement between “BestLinkBuildingServices” refers to the one who prefers to offer “Terms and Conditions” to all its users for the BestLinkBuildingServices ecommerce solutions, carried out by the company listed in our “Contact Us” section.

Terms and conditions for ecommerce solutions

The user who registers for the BestLinkBuildingServices ecommerce solutions are agreeing to the regulations listed here. This includes, but is not limited to dealing and transacting limited company registration , trademark copyrights, patents, proprietary and other terms of ecommerce services and dealings that may alter the confidentiality of those accessing the site and using tailor-made or custom made ecommerce solutions. The idea is to allow everybody to access and use the ecommerce solutions with hindrances.


  1. BestLinkBuildingServices agrees to ensure that the information supplied by the user of varies ecommerce solutions, such as webpage design, sondhais=s and seo solutions are not used for advertising or marketing unless authorized by the person in question.
  2. BestLinkBuildingServices will not misplace the user’s personal e-mail address to avoid unwanted advertising, marketing or transmission of unsolicited information or data.
  3. BestLinkBuildingServices will not divulge personal information to third parties except in the case of collaboration, partnership or collective enterprise for developing ecommerce solutions. Many ecommerce services may necessitate the requirement of ecommerce programs designed for a specific purpose.
  4. BestLinkBuildingServices reserves the right to change, adjust and replace ecommerce solutions with the sole purpose of providing improved services for better results.
  5. BestLinkBuildingServices will give the user the opportunity to contact the user once a day when the user chooses to use ecommerce solutions.

Refund Policy

In cases where the user wishes to quit ecommerce services before the mandatory period, a percentage will be refunded based on the original terms and conditions of the ecommerce services.

Product Modification

  1. BestLinkBuildingServices will modify or replace faulty ecommerce solutions brought to our attention by a user within one month (30 days) from the start of the user’s ecommerce services.
  2. Technical support will also be supplied for solving non-standard errors and issues that the user may encounter during the use ecommerce solutions. Notwithstanding, the user will be responsible for any & all repairs that are necessary on their own hardware, equipment or software. BestLinkBuildingServices, its officers or employees will supply normal information on the use of ecommerce services and any terms and conditions of use. In addition, BestLinkBuildingServices will not be liable for any damage, physical, virtual or otherwise, that has been caused by ecommerce services. While BestLinkBuildingServices believes that its ecommerce solutions are designed to perform optimally at all times, users are advised to have or own software, hardware or equipment in a proper, well maintained, tested condition and should take in to consideration factors that may affect ecommerce solutions. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a backup of all data that may get lost. BestLinkBuildingServices will perform its services as a third party and under no circumstances will it be accountable or articulate legal opinion for any technical or legal concerns. It is the owner or user’s responsibility to ensure he or she has adequate rights to use the ecommerce services provide by BestLinkBuildingServices.
  3. BestLinkBuildingServices best guarantees all hardware, equipment or software are confidential and guarantees the security, performance or final outcome of results for any ecommerce solutions. Without limitation, any claim that product is not up to standards, error free, secure, safe or operative. BestLinkBuildingServices and/or any of its staff will not be held responsible for any form of loss, damage, impairment or other release to the quality of an agreement, to a person or property that may arise from the use of our ecommerce solutions to our users.

Intellectual Property Rights

As stated in our “Privacy”, by posting a project on BestLinkBuildingServices and giving manifest or acknowledge to the use of several ecommerce solutions and services when linked, dictated, placed or imported at the BestLinkBuildingServices site, the user trusts and indicates that the user entitled, has the authority, or has obtained legal permission to do so, or has purchased rights to be

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